We have moved!!

Daddy, Mommy and I have moved into our new house! Yeah!

Anyway, we don't have our internet set up yet so Mommy can't post any new pictures until it is set up.

So keep checking. We'll be up and running again soon!

Love ya,


misc. pictures

You want me to what?

Almost big enough!

Visit from Aunt Onna and Meme

I finally got to meet my Aunt Onna. I was so glad! She loved on me alot!

Meme loved on me alot too!

I had alot of fun playing with Aunt Onna and I can't wait to see her again!

New House Pics

This is the upstairs bathroom tile.

Kitchen cabinet granite

The photographer clerk at Kiddie Kandids needed a model to practice with so I modeled for her. Mommy is gonna get more pictures taken of me since I'm 3 months old now but here are these to tide everyone over! haha!